"A Chi Mine Khaana Yvna Ve" - Agi Dawaachu? (some sources seem to indicate him as the singer, other sources indicate him as the film’s costume director???)

A while back I watched Khadak, a film about the journeys of a young epileptic Mongolian nomad, his family and friends, & their changing circumstances.  The film is expansive, quiet, mystical, dangerous, disorienting, warm, & breathing.  If you’re going to take my recommendation & watch it, I ask that you do so with nothing less than your full attention.  

So, this song.  It’s not very typical of the rest of the film’s soundtrack, but it was the one that stayed with me.  Perhaps because it somehow sounds not unlike the Celtic melodies we grew up on?  I have no idea what it says or what it’s about, & I haven’t found a translation anywhere online yet.  I love it & find it touching anyway.

(If you have any relevant information, drop me a line?)





Normally I gif my favorite scenes. But this would not be the same without the audio. The harmonizing!


oh ann you beautiful starfish.

Ladies passin’ the Bechdel test like it was standing still. :’)


“The subway sounds quite brutal,” Murphy tells the Journal. “There’s a missing opportunity at the turnstile.” Rather than having the subway’s turnstiles release a shrill beep every time they receive payment, Murphy would like them to each release one of many pleasant tones that, during busy moments, would coalesce into a grand harmony. Murphy’s vision would have every station in the city set to a different key, and he thinks now could be the time to turn it into a reality.

“‘This is not a big deal!’ you cry. ‘There are way bigger problems in New York!’ you yell. You’re pretty much totally right,” Murphy writes on a website for the project, which he’s calling Subway Symphony. “But this one is so infuriating because, quite simply, it would be really cheap and easy to change.  And I think it would be really lovely, honestly.”