The Black Angel of Oakwood Cemetery, Iowa City, IA

"Many rumors and legends surround the statue of the Black Angel of Oakland Cemetery, but what remains is a feeling of fear. There is a legend that if you kiss under the gaze of the statue, the couple will die within seven years. There is also a rumor that if you walk under her wings, you are also cursed to a short life. This may, or may not be true, but her gaze is something that cannot be argued with. Once you are within walking distance of her, she locks onto someone in the group and makes them more and more uncomfortable until they flee the scene. For an angelic appearance, this statue fills onlookers with discomfort and fear." 

Photos are mine, quote is from Yahoo.

I think we all know what’s going on here. 
And look, there’s no death date on the bottom name.  *coughsuckedbackintimeahem*





The most beautiful scene out of the entire series.

b e autiful this was beautiful

This is the second episode of Doctor Who I ever watched. It’s why I fell in love!

For real, one of the most touching episodes.  And I hope this theory about Vincent’s death being an accident was true.